Author Assistance

Below are a few other services that I offer.

Custom Website Design & Hosting – $49.99 + $9.99/month

A website is a great way to give your readers a way to stay in touch with your work and look forward to future projects. It provides a way to make connections, list your books, and highlight services, as well as list your social media links in one memorable place.

I will design a custom website based on your preferences that includes a custom domain name, email address, and up to six custom pages built on WordPress CMS. The package includes CPanel on Linux hosting with a managed SSL certificate and weekly backups. I can create custom packages upon request.

Newsletter Setup & Maintenance – $150

Newsletters are a great resource for authors because they allow you to send updates directly to your readers. Keeping readers hooked on your content requires keeping them engaged with you all year long. That way, these loyal souls are the first ones to learn when your new book comes out and the first ones to buy your pre-orders because your newsletter has given them a reason to care about you and your worlds.

I will set up your newsletter and create email templates along with a year-long plan for content releases. So you can either send me updates on your projects and the occasional teaser content, whether through blog posts or free chapters of one of your works OR you can control your own content and release it on your own schedule.

E-Commerce Shop/Store – $150

Are you interested in selling your own merchandise? This can be anything from physical products like mugs, t-shirts, bookmarks, and books. You can even sell your own digital products like ebooks if you add the digital downloads service as well.

I will set up your store and provide monthly updates and support for a year.

Digital Downloads Upgrade – $150

This is an optional product that can be used in addition to the E-Commerce setup. I wouldn’t charge extra for this except each website requires its own license independent of the WooCommerce shop setup.

Monthly Website Promotions + Giveaways – $49.99/month

I’m not a marketing professional, but I do know how to set up Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ads, and I enjoy running promotional giveaways. The price above includes a $20 monthly ad budget.

If you are interested in any of these services, please fill out the quote form below.

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