I am an Audio Book Narrator of over 100 books. I offer professional beta reading. I am a creator of low and mid content books, cover creator/designer.  

Beta Reading Fee:
$60 for up to 30k words
$100 for up to 60k words
$125 for up to 100k words
An additional $12.50 for every additional 10k words.

I am an editor/proofreader based in the Caribbean. I am passionate about helping authors with their work. I also do book reviews for independent authors, mostly on Reedsy Discovery and NetGalley. Reviews are posted on my blog page and Instagram.  

Line Editing- $200
Proofreading- $150
Manuscript Critique – $120
No word limits on the abovementioned services.
Beta Reading – $30 (up to 100 000 words)
Expected timeline for completion is 30 working days.

Hello, my name is Ayebai-preye and I have more than three years of experience working with authors and publishers to develop memorable stories. I deliver honest, constructive feedback nested in a series of actionable steps, and I don’t skimp on details when critiquing a draft. → I enjoy working behind the scenes and offering valuable feedback that helps authors hone their craft and polish...

1. Developmental Editing: $0.02 per word and a solid 6-week turnaround time.
2. Editorial Assessment: $0.01 per word and a solid 5-week turnaround time.
3. Beta-reading: $2.5 per 1000 words and a solid 3-week turnaround time.

Hello! I have been beta reading and proofreading for a few months now and absolutely love every minute of it. I have always been an avid reader, and being able to do what I love has been excellent. I have read so many different novels and met multiple clients that have been pleased with my work, a couple of which have now been repeating clients. I typically use a template with various questions...

My preferred rates are $1 per 1000 words. However, I am willing to work within a client’s budget when necessary.

Hello. My name is Stacey Roth, and I am so excited to share my love of reading. I am a wife and a mother of a teenage boy…a teenager…a high schooler! I’m not sure how that happened. When I am not spending time with my family, I’m sure you can guess what I am doing. Yep, READING! I average reading one book every 1-2 days. Sitting down to read a well-written romance novel ...

$25.00 for up to 10,000 words
$50.00 for 10,001-50,000 words
$75.00 for 50,001-100,000 words
7 Day turnaround
I provide a Beta Reader Report and will also include any author specific questions.

I work as an agent for an insurance company, however, reading is my passion. I read on average 3-4 books a week. I would love to turn my passion into a way to earn extra income. I constantly notice typos and grammatical errors when reading and wonder how they are missed. Often, I’ll wish I could tell the author I felt like the book ended too abruptly and left me wanting a little more of the cha...

Beta Reading, $1 per 1,000 words.

I’m a 21-year-old Latina reader, blogger, and aspiring writer. I’ve been reading and writing for fun for over 10 years, though for about 4 years, I’ve been taking it much more seriously. I’ve been beta reading for nearly 2 years, and so far, I’ve had over 80 clients. My services are detail-oriented, honest, and thorough.

1$ per 1000 words. Expected timeline for completion will vary depending on my schedule and availability, but I don’t take longer than a month to complete and deliver feedback.

Hi! I am a freelance writer, editor, proofreader and betareader. I am very passionate about reading and writing and would love to help you!

Proof reading, $10 for 10,000 word novel
beta reading, $10 for 10,000 word novel
Ghostwriting, $30 for a 5,000 word novel

Good day! I am Edralyn Carreon. I live in the Philippines. I am looking for an opportunity to work as a proofreader, beta reader, or copy editor. I am hardworking and works for the best interest of my client. I hope you will consider my application. Thank you.

Copy edit-$.01 per word
Proofreading – $5 per 1500 words
Beta reading-$4 per 1500 words

I am a debut writer with two manuscripts in the first and third draft stages. I am on scribophile, critique circle, and critique match. I’m a great believer in the power of beta reading to whip a book in shape.
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