How To Share Your Work

There’s a lot of different ways to share your work.

  • You can link directly to your current Google, Dropbox, Onedrive, etc as long as you have permissions set to whoever has the link. (Otherwise we can’t see it!)
  • You can also upload it to your group’s Files and link the file into your WorkGroup.

Using Your WorkGroup’s File Storage

When you click the Files button, it will open a popup window with SE’s File Storage.

The website’s not yet smart enough to put you in your specific group’s folder, so do it a favor and click your chosen group storage!

Now you can either upload a file or upload a whole folder!

Now, there is an option for a direct link, but it’s obscenely long. Ignore that and choose “Share” instead. That makes a google link that you can then paste into the WorkGroup chat!

And you’re done! After a few seconds, it’ll actually show a preview of your document as well.