Line Editing

Line Editing is a line-by-line examination of your manuscript with a keen eye for word choice and language. Is the tone consistent? An editor might consider the syntax and whether a sentence needs to be trimmed or tightened. How does the dialog flow? Does it match the mood for the scene? What is the message that is being conveyed and does it resolve properly? This isn’t the same thing as a story resolution because many manuscripts are part of a greater series of work. The conflict resolution may extend through multiple pieces.

In academic writing, this might be called substantive editing because it considers both how the piece is organized and presented. Each chapter is examined to tighten and clarify meaning.


Genre Title Author Word Count Service
Fantasy/Gothic FictionShigatrusKerat Jhaj33,270Expedited Line & Copy Edit
Biography/Creative NonfictionWorking Title:
Dire Endings
Tom Farr78,000Developmental & Line Edit
Horror/SuspenseMaiden of Feast and FlowerCharles Allen63573Line & Copy Edit