GenreTitleAuthorWord CountService
Fantasy/Gothic FictionShigatrusKerat Jhaj33,270Full-Service Edit
Biography/Creative NonfictionWorking Title:
Dire Endings
Tom Farr78,000Developmental & Line Edit
Horror/SuspenseMaiden of Feast and FlowerCharles Allen63573Full-Service Edit
Dark Fantasy/Horror
Seagrass MaggieCharles Allen105,318Proofread
Action/AdventureThe Long RunBilly Wittenberg120,000Beta Read
(Amazon Review Pending)
HorrorThe Beast Beyond the Hills (Fool’s Game)Fertile Dirt Studio41,765Full-Service Edit
Dark FantasyThe Veiled FlameL.R. Eldr72,782Full-Service Edit
Dark FantasyThe Demon QueenL.R. Eldr82,086Editorial Assessment + (Amazon Review Pending)
Contemporary FictionShe Was RightCarrol Meyers77,140Full-Service Edit
Dark RomanceThe Melody of RetributionJenny Aldred88,736Beta Read
Dark Fantasy/HorrorThe Order of the Red GodCharles Allen141,382Full-Service Edit
Dark FantasyGryna: The Twilight FlameDylan McClintock70,999Full-Service Edit
Dark FantasyGryna: The Wild DefianceDylan McClintock70,386Full-Service Edit
HorrorThe Beast Beyond the Hills (Chronicle)Fertile Dirt Studio42,575Full-Service Edit
Suspense/ThrillerA Murder on the BorderBilly Wittenberg96,000Beta Read
Contemporary FictionErin’s VoiceGreg Sullivan86,990Full-Service Edit
Contemporary ChristianA Will of Our OwnJK Morgan86,075Beta Read
(Amazon Review Pending)
Mystery/SuspenseThe Vanishing HeiressJK Morgan70,269Proofread + Formatting
Dark FantasyFrom Within the WoodsT. Inman111,224Proofread + Formatting
Dark FantasyGraveyard of ShipsCharles Allen110,464Full-Service Edit
Dark FantasyAshta the Lion TamerMorena Stamm116,633Full-Service Edit
Dark Fantasy/RomanceAshesBethany Savant138,000Proofread + Formatting
(Pending Formatting)
Dark RomanceSecrets Become LiesKhara Robinson88,000Full-Service Edit
Dark RomanceAn Empty EmbraceCyril Mezden76,239Full-Service Edit
HorrorWhen the Full Moon Glooms at NightGregory Shaefer35,744Full-Service Edit
Adventure/ThrillerKnowing ThenGreg Sullivan124,882Full-Service Edit
HorrorGlitchB.E Miller68,000Full-Service Edit
High FantasySTRANGERS IN THE HIGH CITYJ.E. Cabrera135,800Full-Service Edit +
Formatting + Cover Typesetting
HorrorThe Devil FishB.E MillerTBDFull-Service Edit
Epic/Dark FantasyThe Blood Princess (Book 2) S.A Gonsalves145,860Full-Service Edit
Occult Holiday RomanceThe Blood of a ButterflyPending74,244Proofread + Formatting
(Pending Formatting)
FantasyFarissa’s Crossing – Book OnePending79000Full-Service Edit
(In Progress)
HorrorImpostor Among UsGregory Schaefer40000Full-Service Edit
(In Progress)
FantasyGorgon the Orc Dark MagePendingFull-Service Edit + Formatting
(In Progress)
Scifi/AdventureBit RotPendingFull-Service Edit
HorrorThe Cursed BraceletGregory SchaeferFull-Service Edit
FantasyA Dance in TimePendingFull-Service Edit

Helped make my madness a reality

I have to say @susyq918 has been a tremendous help! She has helped me sort through concept to manuscript in a short period of time with Fantastic results! All leading to my First Series coming soon @raventalepub I highly recommend her! She had helped make my madness a reality 💯

Fertile Dirt Studio

The service from start to finish was exceptional

A few months ago I posted on this page (FaceBook) seeking someone to edit my manuscript. Well, I found someone and today I received my fully edited manuscript. The service from start to finish was exceptional. I can’t state enough how happy I am about the service and product I received. I would love to recommend Susan Russell from Sassy Edits. You can trust her with your baby.

Carrol Meyers