Thank You For Your Purchase

Thank you for your purchase!

Now let’s get it customized to fit your book!

Information I need

For Premade Covers

  • Your Book Title
  • Book Subtitle, Series Name, and/or Tagline
  • Paperback Size
  • Page Number (This and the paperback size determine how much space we have to form your book spine!)
  • Back Matter – This should include your blurb and anything you want on the back. Your barcode is automatically generated by your distributor/printer. (At least I know Amazon and IngramSpark both do this.)
  • Any additional Notes/Comments you might have!

For Interior Formatting

  • Your manuscript in word format.
    • Please have all of your chapters labeled.
    • Please have all of your scene breaks marked with either # or *
    • Be sure your work is in its best shape. I will work with you through several proofs, but at this stage, making ‘one little word change’ can cause me to redo the entire process.
  • Your Book Title, Subtitle, and Tagline
  • Your Paperback Size (If Applicable)
  • Front Matter (Optional)
    • Any unique copyright other than the standard. Art credit, etc
    • Dedication/Acknowledgments
    • Blurb (Ebook Only)
  • Back Matter (Optional)
    • About the Author
    • Coming Soon/Teasers

Where to send the information

Now that you’ve made your purchase on Ko-Fi, you can email the information above to me at with the name of your premade in the subject line. If I don’t see an email from you within 24 hours, I will contact you to verify your order!

Additional items you can purchase at any time

  • $250 – Interior Formatting
  • $30.00 – An Audiobook Cover
  • $100 – Marketing Materials (Cover Reveal Graphic, Social Media Cover, Book Release Banner, Ad Image)
  • $40.00 – Dust Jacket Design
  • $40.00 – Social Media Banner or Cover
  • $40.00 – Bookmark Design