When preparing your manuscript for publishing, there should be at least three waves of edits. A copy edit, line edit, and a final proofread by a different editor. That being said, not everyone can afford the perfect process. So my services are separated into packages listed below to work with your budget. The prices reflected are because I include an automatic discount for combining services.

If you are unsure about what services you need, you may purchase an Editorial Assessment – $100, and I will subtract the price from any additional package purchased.

I’d love to know more about your project!

À La Carte

Editorial Assessment

This is a cross between pre-edit and coaching. After reading an early draft of the manuscript, you would receive broad written feedback guiding you on your path forward. Many self-published authors forgo this reading and choose to use multiple beta readers instead. This works well for sensitivity readings, as well.

Copy Editing

The preliminary edit would be a Copy Edit. This process involves checking your manuscript for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Doing this first is important because it affects the readability of your manuscript. It’s hard to do a line edit when you are stumbling over basic spelling mistakes and dialog errors.

Line Editing

The second edit is your Line Edit, which is a line-by-line examination of your manuscript with a keen eye for word choice and language. Is the tone consistent? What is the message that is being conveyed and does it resolve properly? This isn’t the same thing as a story resolution because many manuscripts are part of a greater series of work. The conflict resolution may extend through multiple pieces.

Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing can be a big deal if you are worried about issues like pacing, plot holes, or character development. At this stage, your editor could advise you to restructure your book or move events in ways that might create more impact on your readers.


Proofreading is the final step of the process before sending your manuscript for print. At this point, it should be free of most grammar and spelling mistakes. The purpose of proofreading is to catch any last-minute mistakes that both the author and the previous editors have missed. Since the same editor may perform both the copy and line edits, it’s important to have one more person read over the document for last-minute errors.


Formatting – $250

Print and E-Book formatting includes a print-ready PDF and EPub for uploading to KDP/IngramSpark/Etc and unlimited proofs and revisions. We are happy to help coach you through the submission process.
This al a carte price does not include content editing of any kind. Fiction only.

Beta Read & Amazon Review – $50

I know that beta readers are a dime a dozen, but getting good feedback in return can be a struggle. I fully support finding as many free readers to view your manuscript as possible to get a broad opinion of your book, but if you want guaranteed, knowledgeable feedback and an honest follow-up review on Amazon once your book is published, then this service is for you.

Ghostwriting (Lite) – $0.05 per Word

This is priced cheap because it may be a part of a larger edit. If you have a finished draft that still needs more than 2,000 words added to enhance engagement by expanding descriptions and flushing out scenes, then this service is for you.

Ghostwriting (Full) – $0.08 per Word

This is my most expensive service for a reason. This service assumes that you have an outline or skin-bare draft ready to submit and you require a book crafted from scratch according to your specifications. All rights to this content go with you once final payment has been made.