What Happens When I Request an Edit?

Step One – Your Initial Inquiry

Fill out my quote form to initiate the process. This tells me more about your book and your expectations for your edit. You can include a sample of your work to get a FREE sample edit. That way, you can decide if I’m right for you, and I can properly assess the timeline needed for your project.

Step Two – Proposal and Deposit

Along with your returned sample edit, I will send you a proposal with your custom quote that will include your New Customer Discount of 20%. If you are a returning customer and you have referred anyone to me, I will include those discounts at this time.

Your edits are billed in two milestones, start and finish. A deposit of 50% is due before work starts, and the remaining 50% is due upon completion. Deposits are non-refundable unless I am unable to complete the job, in which I will contact you and explain the issue immediately. If accepted, your proposal will include an invoice for the deposit amount.

Step Three – The Exchange

The final exchange is done in two parts. I will send you a preview of both documents with a Paypal invoice. You can see these previews in my portfolio; only your preview will not be blurred.
Once the final payment is received, I will send all deliverables to you with full permissions.
If your balance is paid in full, I will mark your order complete and email you the deliverables.


Deliverables change depending on the product, but generally, they are as follows:

Full-Service Edit
  • Manuscript with tracked changes
  • Manuscript with all changes accepted
  • Completed Editorial Assessment
Developmental Edit
  • Manuscript with tracked changes
  • Manuscript with all changes accepted
  • Completed Editorial Assessment
Beta Read & Amazon Review
  • Manuscript with inline comments
  • Completed Beta Read Assessment
Ghostwriting (Full)
  • Completed Manuscript
  • Completed Beta Read Assessment by at least one person other than me.

Step Four – Follow Up

I don’t just abandon you after you’ve paid and we’ve exchanged material. I am available for the task you contract me for until your book is published. That means if you make intellectual changes, I will review them at any time until your manuscript is published. I know that could be a lot of work and take some time. This is how you get your money’s worth.