Copy Editing

I am a freelancer translator, copywriter, and beta reader! I am young but experienced and highly motivated, and I would be grateful to collaborate with you.

copy editing – proofreading I charge 5€ for every 500 words
betareading5 per 5000 words
ghostwriting 5€ for 300 words!

Hi there! My name is Heather. I am an editor and proofreader from South Africa. I beta-read between editing projects and love having the opportunity to help an author to improve their work.

I use EFA rates.
The timeline depends on the length of the project and the amount of work needed.
I can give a more accurate timeline once I have seen a sample of the work.

Am a teenager with good writing skills and copywriting skills

0.2 per word copy editing 30 days for a good novel

Hello! I’m Amjad. I’m a proofreader, copy editor, and beta reader. I have worked with numerous book writers from all around the world, and I am looking for more projects to work on. I strive to provide the best services for my clients. I will be looking forward to having an amazing endeavor with you!

copy edit: 5 dollars per 2000 words(in one day)
proofreading:5 dollar per 2000 words(in under a day
beta reading: 5 dollars per 20000 words

I am an editor with 13 years of experience, which includes cover design.

£100= 100 Pages
£150= 150 Pages
£200= 200 Pages
£40= Front Cover Design
£80=Front/Back Design

Good day! I am Edralyn Carreon. I live in the Philippines. I am looking for an opportunity to work as a proofreader, beta reader, or copy editor. I am hardworking and works for the best interest of my client. I hope you will consider my application. Thank you.

Copy edit-$.01 per word
Proofreading – $5 per 1500 words
Beta reading-$4 per 1500 words

Hi! I’m a professional beta reader and freelance copyeditor based in Georgia. I was trained at UCSD. Indie fiction authors are my target clientele.

Beta Reading $0.0015/word (2 wk turnaround)
Copyediting $0.010/word (4 wk turnaround)
Proofreading $0.008/word (3-4 wk turnaround)

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